Precautions for the use of telescopes


1. Never use a telescope to observe the sun before installing any protective equipment, which may cause irreversible damage to human eyes.

2. The observation field of the telescope should be a complete circle, not the common overlapping middle part in movies and TV, and the figure-8 circle separated on both sides. Such a shape will only cause bad imaging, and the final injury is your own. Eye.

3. For a medium-tuned telescope, the correct focusing method is to observe with the left eye first, and adjust the focal length of the telescope at the same time. When the scene in the left eye is completely clear, then open the right eye and adjust the diopter of the right eye to adjust the scene to the clearest. . At this time, the scale of the diopter of the right eye is the diopter of the user, and this scale can be recorded, and the diopter can be directly adjusted to that scale when using the telescope in the future.

Note: Each telescope is designed with a certain range of diopter. If the user's diopter exceeds this design range, it will be impossible to adjust the scene to the clearest when observing with naked eyes.

4. When adjusting the focus of the binoculars, first close either eye to make the scene clear, and then adjust the focal length of the other eye until the observation of both eyes is completely clear.

5. Telescopes are precision optical equipment. Regardless of whether the telescope is waterproof or shockproof, it should be used with care, try to avoid exposure to rain and snow, and try to prevent moisture and shocks.