Is a tape measure the same as a tape measure?


Tape measures and tape measures are commonly used items in our lives. Many people think that tape measures and tape measures are the same and are both tools for measuring. In fact, they still have certain differences. Their measurement units and scope of use are different. The tape measure can mainly be used to measure the size of clothes, while the measurement range of the tape measure is more extensive.

A tape measure, usually metric and inch, is 150 cm on one side and 60 inches on the other side. Inches is a commonly used unit of measurement abroad, and the size unit of TVs and monitors is inches. And the size of the jeans, also in inches. In China, the commonly used measuring tape is the market size. One side is 150 cm and the other side is 45 inches. Often said 2 feet 1, 2 feet 2 waist, is the city-inch unit.

After talking about the tape measure, let’s take a look at the tape measure. The tape measure has a very long spring inside, so it will not fail if it deforms too much. margin. The numbers on the tape measure are divided into two rows, one row of numbers is in centimeters, the other row is in inches, 1CM is approximately equal to 0.3937 inches, and 1 inch is approximately equal to 2.54CM, so the unit of the number with the shorter distance is cm, and the unit of the longer number is cm. of inches.

And we found that the tape measure head is loose, this is because it is convenient for people to measure the size, there are two ways to measure the size of the tape measure. One is to hang on the object, and the other is to push on the object. The difference between the two measuring methods is the thickness of the iron sheet at the head of the tape measure. The purpose of the loose tape measure head is to compensate for the iron piece of the tape measure head when it is pressed against the object.

For the difference between a tape measure and a tape measure, simply put, the reverse side of the tape measure is the city scale: city ruler, city inch; the front of the tape measure is divided into upper and lower parts, one side is the metric scale (meters, centimeters), and the other side is the inch scale (feet). ,inch). Steel tape measure is made of metal material, leather tape measure is made of non-metal material.