Can a laser rangefinder measure volume? How does a pulsed laser rangefinder measure volume?


Laser rangefinder is a commonly used measuring instrument for interior decoration. Sometimes in addition to measuring length and distance, it is also necessary to measure area and volume. Some multi-functional laser rangefinders can do it. The specific method is to measure vertical and horizontal separately. distance and height to automatically calculate the volume. If you want to measure the volume with the pulsed laser rangefinder, you must first switch to the volume function interface, and then measure the length separately, and the volume will be automatically displayed on the screen. Let's take a look at how the laser rangefinder measures volume.

1. Can a laser rangefinder measure volume?

Laser rangefinders are generally used to measure distances and can measure the length between two objects, but in addition to length, some multifunctional laser rangefinders can also be used to measure volume.

The method of measuring the volume of the laser rangefinder is very simple. The volume of the space can be quickly and automatically calculated by measuring the vertical and horizontal distances and heights respectively. Without this function, the volume can also be calculated by measuring the distances of the three sides; The distance meter can also calculate the volume of the space through three consecutive measurements, which is very practical in the field of interior decoration.

2. How does a laser rangefinder measure volume?

It is very convenient to use a laser rangefinder to measure volume. Many friends don't know how to operate it. Here's how to measure volume with a laser rangefinder:

  1. Turn on the range finder and press the function selection button in the middle of the range finder (the buttons of different brands of products may be different, you can find them by referring to the instruction manual).

2. You can switch between different functions through the + and - buttons, find the function of volume measurement, and press the function button again to confirm the selection.

3. After selecting the function of measuring volume, there will be a display on the screen, and the measurement unit will also be switched to cubic meters or cubic feet, and then the measurement can be started.

4. Press the measurement button to turn on the laser, press the red button again to measure the length of one side; then aim the laser rangefinder at the other side, press the red button again to measure the width, and then measure the height.

5. After measuring, the volume of this surface will be automatically calculated on the interface.

When the laser range finder measures the volume, the length, width and height must be measured accurately, so that the correct volume can be obtained. If the measurement accuracy requires the height, it can be measured several times; in addition, the laser of the laser range finder cannot be pointed at the human body. Eyes, if possible, it is recommended to wear goggles before measuring.