Application field and usage method of hand-held laser rangefinder


Main application fields of rangefinder

Laser rangefinders have been widely used in the following fields: electric power, water conservancy, communication, environment, construction, geology, police, fire protection, demolition, navigation, aviation, railway, anti-terrorism/military, agriculture, forestry, real estate, leisure/outdoor sports etc..

How to use the laser rangefinder

1. First install the battery on the laser rangefinder. For those laser rangefinders that can be directly charged, we must fully charge them before use.

2. There will be a switching power supply on each laser range finder. In some cases, the internal power supply of the range finder can be turned on by pressing the "launch button", and the range finder can be seen in the standby state through the eyepiece.

3. After turning on the power, before measuring, we have to select the unit. The operation method is to long press the "mode key", and then you can directly select the unit you want to select.

4. After all the preparations are done, we can aim at the object to be measured through the "internal liquid crystal display" in the eyepiece of the rangefinder, and be careful not to shake hands, which can reduce the error and make the measurement result more accurate.

5. After confirming the alignment, press the "launch button", then the measured distance will be displayed on the "internal LCD", we can write down this value, if you are worried about the inaccuracy of the measurement, you can measure it several times.

6. When aiming at the object to be measured, if it feels that the object to be measured is not very clear, we can adjust the clarity of the distance and nearness of the object to be measured through the "+/-2 diopter adjuster". for optimal clarity.