What is the difference between infrared rangefinder and laser rangefinder?


Laser rangefinder is better than infrared rangefinder

Infrared rangefinder is an instrument that uses infrared rays for distance measurement. It belongs to photoelectric rangefinder, which is essentially the same as laser rangefinder, but the two are different in terms of measuring light sources. One uses invisible infrared rays. , One uses a visible red laser. In addition, their measurement distance and accuracy are also somewhat different. Laser rangefinders have higher accuracy and infrared rangefinders measure farther. How to choose mainly depends on actual needs.

1. Is the infrared rangefinder a laser rangefinder?

According to different principles, rangefinders can be divided into two types: ultrasonic rangefinders and photoelectric rangefinders. Among them, photoelectric rangefinders generally use lasers for measurement, and another photoelectric rangefinder uses infrared rays for measurement, then Are they the same?

Infrared rangefinder, also known as laser infrared rangefinder, is an instrument that uses modulated infrared light for precise distance measurement. It belongs to laser rangefinder. The distance is measured using the reflection time of light.

Of course, although the infrared rangefinder is also a laser rangefinder, there are still some differences between the two compared with ordinary laser rangefinders.

2. What is the difference between an infrared rangefinder and a laser rangefinder?

1. Different measurement light sources

Infrared rangefinders use infrared light as the light source for measurement, which is invisible; ordinary laser rangefinders use red light laser measurement, also known as visible light ranging, and you can see red light emitted.

2, the measurement range is different

Relatively speaking, the measurement range of infrared rangefinders is farther, because infrared rays are not diffused during propagation, and the refractive index is small when passing through other substances, so long-distance measurement generally uses infrared rangefinders.

3. Different measurement accuracy

Infrared rangefinders are better for long-distance measurement, but relatively speaking, their accuracy will be slightly lower. Laser rangefinders, especially handheld laser rangefinders, have relatively high accuracy.

Third, the rangefinder laser is better or infrared is better

Both laser rangefinders and infrared rangefinders use the reflection of light to measure distances, which are essentially the same rangefinders, but there are certain differences in the measurement range and accuracy between the two, so the laser rangefinder and infrared rangefinder Rangefinder comparison, which is better?

In fact, there is no better way to say a laser rangefinder and an infrared rangefinder. The main thing is to choose a suitable rangefinder according to actual needs. If the distance is measured, the infrared rangefinder is better; For measurement accuracy, it is more recommended to use a laser rangefinder.