Accuracy, advantages and disadvantages of laser rangefinders


What is the accuracy of the laser rangefinder?

A laser rangefinder is a measurement tool, and accuracy is an important performance indicator. The measurement accuracy of the laser rangefinder generally refers to the specified measurement error based on the ordinary measurement environment, so is the laser rangefinder high accuracy?

There are two ways to use laser rangefinders: pulse method and phase method. Laser rangefinders emitted by pulses generally have low absolute accuracy, but for long-distance measurement, they can achieve good relative accuracy; phase test laser rangefinders The accuracy of the instrument can reach ±1mm.

It should be noted that the error in the accuracy of the laser rangefinder is not proportional to the measured distance, and it is the same over the entire distance, but if the distance is too long, the error will increase by ±0.5mm/100m.

Third, the advantages and disadvantages of laser rangefinder

1. Advantages of laser rangefinders

The sensor of the laser rangefinder is just a light spot, whether it is a small hole or a distant object, it can be used, and the response time of the laser is very fast, so it can be used for fast measurement, and is not affected by the target object. Influence of material, color, tilt, etc., to achieve accurate measurement.

2. Disadvantages of laser rangefinders

If there is water and ash on the surface of the laser rangefinder, the light will be emitted back, resulting in false signals; and the laser is harmful to the human eye, and it is dangerous to use.