Using Laser Distance Meter In Building Decoration Design To Improve Work Efficiency.


 In daily life, interior designers and architects often face a problem, in the process of design and decoration, because some places that can not be close to the measurement of various measurement difficulties or security risks and headaches.

Now, laser distance meter can solve similar problems for you, easily measuring the distance of various inaccessible places or the length of objects.

In the measurement, such as stairwell, elevator and other places can not directly contact the measurement target, hand-held laser distance meter can help you to measure, replace the traditional measuring tape, save manpower.

Laser distance meter is a new high performance hand-held distance meter launched in recent years, using patent design, measuring range of 0.05~200m, measuring accuracy of ±1-±1.5mm, fast measurement, easy to use, small design, can be portable use.

With the laser distance meter, when measuring a house volume or stairwell, you don't need a lift or extension ladder, and you can take an accurate reading in seconds.

In traditional measurement, with a safe hidden trouble of measuring target makes it impossible to close to the measured, originally is a very difficult thing, but now a laser distance meter with a red laser spot, let you clearly know where is the measurement point, need only a single operation and does not need use other tools (e.g., ladders, etc.) to complete all the measurements,

To avoid the occurrence of injury accidents to the greatest extent.

In addition to the pocket-size design, the laser distance meter has the ability to add and subtract length, so you don't have to crouch on the ground to measure the ceiling.

The digital display of the laser distance meter makes it easy to read the measurement data while your eyes aim at the target.

With the laser distance meter, a person can be put to work, and it will be twice as fast as the conventional method.

The hand-held laser distance meter can also measure distance, area, volume, triangular Pythagorean Theorem measurement, etc. It can be widely used in the following fields:

1. Construction industry: building distance measurement, housing acceptance, pouring area, volume and so on.

2. Interior industry: area, doors and Windows, bracket size measurement.

3. Surveying and mapping industry: direct measurement of various distances or distance measurement that cannot be directly measured.

4. Mechanical and electrical industry: telecommunication equipment installation, building equipment distance

5. Distance measurement in accident handling of the public security system.

Hand-held laser distance meter come in many forms and there is always one that suits your needs. To know more Mileseey distance meter click here.