Mileseey Tech Showcases Breakthrough intelligent metering and sport optcal gadgets at HK IAL expo


On April 12, the Hong Kong SAR Government and the HKTDC jointly organized the inaugural "Hong Kong International Innovation and Technology (IAT) Expo" at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, which showcased a wide range of innovative technologies in smart cities, economy, environment, facilities, government, living, and transportation, drawing 3,000 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions to the grand event.


Shenzhen handpicked 20 exceptional companies to showcase at the exhibition, sifting through thousands of "specialized, refined, distinctive, and new" businesses in the Nanshan District, presenting cutting-edge technologies under four themes: "Advanced Shenzhen," "Lovely Shenzhen," "Practical Shenzhen," and "Relentless Shenzhen," to both domestic and international traders. Among them was Mileseseey Technology, a small giant enterprise specializing in laser measurement and sport optics founded and thrived in Nanshan District. Mileseseey Technology unveiled its newly developed bilateral laser distance meter and sport optical products, highlighting its industry leadership.



Mileseey, known as a pioneering and leading brand in commercial laser measuring technology and a globally recognized supplier of Opto-Mechatronics technology and related products, participated in the "Shenzhen Advanced" theme exhibition, highlighting the city's cutting-edge technological innovations. The exhibition showcased Mileseey's latest DP20 bilateral handheld laser distance meter and intelligent sport optical products, which offer customers unprecedentedly accurate and convenient measurement solutions. The presence of Mileseey technology at the exhibition drew considerable attentions towards their offerings.


Mileseey's DP20 bilateral laser distance meter has won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award for its innovative design. Employing advanced laser measurement technology and featuring a patented integrated co-axial optics design, coupled with state-of-the-art measuring algorithms, the bilateral LDM provides record-breaking accuracy for bilateral measurement. With its metal and semi-transparent shell being integrally molded, the bilateral LDM also features extreme assembly accuracy. Lightweight and easy to operate, the DP20 is an ideal tool for various measurement needs in fields like distance measurement, engineering surveying, interior decoration, planning, house inspection, and furniture installation.


Mileseeys Intelligent sport optical products were also a cynosure of the exhibition, with rangefinders, night vision devices, and other cutting-edge products employing the latest optical measurement and visual imaging technologies. These versatile devices are perfect for sports competitions, athletic training, and outdoor activities like hunting and wildlife observation. 




Mileseeys products have gained a solid industry reputation, with sales in over 100 countries and a user base of over 10 million. The participation in the Hong Kong International IAT Expo aims to promote our products and technology globally, further expand overseas markets, and enhance brand awareness and influence. We also take this opportunity to strengthen communication and cooperation with industry peers, drive innovation in global high-tech measurement technology, and explore cross-regional, cross-industry, and cross-border collaboration opportunities.


With over 15 years ingenuity and perseverance in photoelectric technology, Mileseey Technology has made significant strides in multiple product lines, including Intelligent Measurement & Inspection, Intelligent Sport Optics, and High-Precision displacement Sensors. We develop and manufacture not only intelligent products that cater to diverse individual consumption scenarios of end users worldwide, but also products that can seamlessly integrate with front-end industrial equipment to improve automation and intelligence. Moving forward, Mileseey Technology will continue to strive for innovative breakthroughs in intelligent metering, industrial sensors, and optical sports products, with aims to create a smarter life and empower humanity with clearer, more precise, and comprehensive vision.