Long-Awaited Reunion: Mileseey Technology Stuns at the Canton Fair



On April 15, 2023, the much-anticipated 133rd Canton Fair finally kicked off, marking the return of this half-century-old commercial extravaganza to offline exhibitions after the shadow of the pandemic. Exhibitors and buyers from 266 countries worldwide gathered together to embark on a fascinating journey of business and trade. 


In addition to leaving a stunning impression on new business visitors, this year's Canton Fair also witnessed the "long-awaited reunion" of old friends. In this season of blooming flowers, everyone is exploring new business opportunities and development prospects together.


With great excitement, Mileseey Technology returns to the stage of the Canton Fair three years later. Over a decade ago, Mileseey Technology made its debut at the Canton Fair with its first in-house developed commercially available handheld laser distance measure, which shook the entire industry and broke the monopoly of Western precision measurement technology. From breaking the monopoly to introducing a high-performance outdoor handheld laser distance measure that rivals the industry leader Leica at the Canton Fair three years ago, to now being the global leader in sales volume and constantly introducing innovative products ahead of the giants, Mileseey Technology has become a global leader in this industry. Looking back on this journey, the Canton Fair has been a witness to Mileseey Technology's growth and a catalyst for its innovative drive. 


Today, Mileseey Technology has entered a new era of "branding abroad" instead of just "exporting products," embarking on a new stage of overseas localization and operations, and creating a "world-renowned business card" for China's precision measurement technology. At this Canton Fair, Mileseey Technology has brought its latest distance measuring product - the DP20 bilateral laser distance meter, which not only revolutionizes the industry but also demonstrates the company's unique advantages in technological innovation. In addition, Mileseey Technology has also introduced its independently developed new series of sport optics products, showcasing the company's comprehensive strength and outstanding product innovation in multiple fields. All of this is yet another powerful display by Mileseey Technology on the stage of the Canton Fair, demonstrating the vitality and strength of Chinese tech companies to the world.


Dr. Fang Danqing, Vice President of Mileseey Technology, stated in interviews with various media outlets such as China News Service and Shenzhen Business Daily that she hopes to use this internationally influential event not only to showcase our good Chinese products to the world, but also to bring our Chinese brands to the global stage, and let foreign consumers know that China not only has "DJI", but is also continuously nurturing more technology consumer brands like "DJI". Mileseey Technology will continue to strive and surpass ourselves, building ourselves into a Chinese technology innovation brand with forward-looking technology, independent innovation, global influence, and worthy of respect from the world.


Meanwhile, Mileseey Technology is actively contributing to the development of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing. This year's Canton Fair has added an exhibition area specifically for "industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing." As a leading technology company in China's high-precision distance & displacement sensor industry, Mileseey Technology's industrial intelligent sensors, based on high-precision laser ranging technology, have been widely applied in various processes and stages of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, as well as in many other different scenarios, such as smart cities and urban security. Our deep-service clients currently include large state-owned enterprises, such as the Shenzhen Metro Group, Shanghai Electric, and Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd., as well as well-known companies such as Huawei, Foxconn, and GoerTek.


Since the first high-precision displacement sensor was put into mass production in 2014, Mileseey Technology has been prioritizing industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing as key areas for future development. With the arrival of the Industry 4.0 era and the increasing progress of smart city construction, Mileseey will continue to ramp up its technological investment in this industry of national strategic significance. By doing so, it aims to help tackle the country's most pressing challenges and make a genuine contribution to solving the "bottleneck" problem of the country, achieving domestic substitution of high-end displacement sensors, and making its own mark in the field.