Congratulation! Mileseey Technology won the Gold Award of "Contemporary Good Design Award", abbrevia


Congratulation! Mileseey Technology won the Gold Award of "Contemporary Good Design Award", abbreviated as CGD


Recently, Shenzhen Mileseey Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Mileseey Technology) won the global product design award-the "Contemporary Good Design " ,(CGD) for short, which is an international design award co-founded by the German Red Dot Agency and Xiamen Media Group, which selects outstanding design works in contemporary society.


The 2020 Good Contemporary Design Award online celebration was officially launched today. A total of 15 works won the Good Contemporary Design Gold Award. Many outstanding works from more than 30 countries and regions around the world participated in the selection.


The winner brands include BMW, Xiaomi, China Mobile, Baidu, Midea, TCL, Skyworth and other well-known companies.

The review process is based on more than 60 years of professional review experience for the Red Dot Award. Three heavyweight international reviewers, including Gordon Bruce, Vincent Créance, and Axel Thallemer, were invited to share the latest global design trends around 7 design themes.





Milseey Technology BPFS2 binocular laser rangefinder telescope stood out from the competitors, and won the "Contemporary Good Design" Gold Award for its simple, stylish, innovative design concept and advanced product technology.



BPFS2 binocular laser ranging telescope won the gold medal


BPFS2 is a binocular laser ranging telescope with multiple functions such as outdoor sports, adventure, distance measurement, viewing, golf training, etc.

With its exquisite and compact appearance, it's light weight, and portable. It has 7.5° large field of view, 6 times and fix focused telescope system. The advantage of obtaining stable images and product miniaturization, makes it the best choice both for outdoor user or collector.

Dr. Peter Zack, the founder and chairman of the Red Dot Award, made his appearance and delivered a speech. He said: A very obvious trend of the 2020 Contemporary Good Design Awards is digitalization. Among the awarded works, smart technology products stand out. They use unique design thinking to integrate and highlight the intelligence and sense of technology of the product, while fully enhancing the simple design of the product.


Dr. Peter Zack, the founder and chairman of the Red Dot Award, delivered a speech


As a high-tech enterprise integrating industrial design, R&D, manufacturing and marketing, Mileseey Technology has focused on the field of laser measurement and control for more than ten years. It is mainly engaged in four categories: laser distant measure, laser rangefinder , intelligent detection tools and industrial sensors.

Winning the Gold Award of "Good Contemporary Design" this time witnessed Mileseey Technology's efforts in industrial design for more than ten years. Mileseey Technology will not forget its original intention and achieve greater success in the field of business and design, and is always committed to “To become the leader of China's precision laser measurement and control industry!”