The most beautiful gift to "you"



In the process of social development, women have played a driving force that cannot be ignored, and they continue to have their own bright moments on the road to realize social and personal dreams.

Each "she" is constantly advancing in various fields with dreams, each showing the feminine demeanor of the new era.

In this caring and loving festival, Mileseey advocates respect and caring for women with actions, and prepares gifts and beautiful flowers for Mileseey “goddesses”.



The white rose represents purity and innocence, the red rose symbolizes passion and love. These flowers are sent with strong blessing, and it also represents Mileseey’s gratitude and condolences to the diligence at their work


When the ladies choose their favorite bouquets, the office is full of laughter.


While enjoying the joy of gifts, Mileseey goddesses also have extra surprises.

In accordance with the regulations of the National Festival and Memorial Day Holidays issued by the State Council, Mileseey HR Department let female employees have a half-day holiday, which is also a holiday benefit.

As the Civilization Advocate said, promoting women to become the builders of the great causes, the most beautiful praise belongs to "she". Only by stimulating "her wisdom" and gathering "her strength" can we better realize the grand blueprint for the development of the party and the country.

Finally, Mileseey wishes the “goddesses” of the world a happy holiday!