The list of Red Dot Awards is released: Mileseey binoculars laser rangefinders recognized by the aut


Recently, 2021 German Red Dot Product Design Award winner list was freshly released. The binocular laser rangefinder BPFS2 designed by Mileseey won the Red Dot Product Design Award for its innovative design.


The Red Dot Award originated from Germany. It is internationally recognized as one of the top global industrial design awards. It is also known as the world's three major design awards along with the German "IF Award" and the American "IDEA Award". As a symbol of high-quality design, the Red Dot Award has strict assessment of product design concepts and appearance and texture, and it’s the most authoritative "quality assurance".


Winning the Red Dot Design Award this time is very significant to Mileseey who are serious about product design. The Red Dot Award represents the international recognition of designers, which also means the international recognition of Mileseey’s designer, recognition of the unique and innovative design of Mileseey products.


Mileseey products have always been designed with the concept of user experience, simplicity and fashion. BPFS2 binocular laser rangefinder has a stylish appearance, small and exquisite size, binocular viewing, which allows users to relax their eyes while using.

BPFS2 binocular laser rangefinder is in black and white color, and has exquisite appearance, light weight, and ergonomic design. It combines humanized design, green design and brand design concepts from the three perspectives of practicality, appearance and texture, and sensory experience, making it stand out among similar products.


As a high-tech enterprise integrating industrial design, R&D, manufacturing and marketing, Mileseey has focused on the field of laser measurement for more than ten years. Main business is four categories including laser distance meters, laser rangefinders, intelligent detection tools and industrial sensors.

Winning the Red Dot Product Design Award has wintnessed the efforts of Mileseey in industrial design for more than ten years. Mileseey will not forget its original intention and achieve greater success in the field of business and design, and is always committed to become the leader of China's precision laser measurement and control industry!